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(Milky Bunny) Babysitter Under Control

Vicky was not Timmy’s preferred babysitter… however, it was like this just before Timmy was able to grow some muclsesand his cock began to get hard every time he saw a sexy redhead! Do you see the direction this entire situation is headed? Yes, Vicky is still visiting Timmy yet the job that she is doing can’t even be called as ‘babysitting’ anymore! In any case, you can witness it all for yourself!

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[Riukykappa] that lustful tomboy (english)

It really doesn’t matter what you think of the characterof Trixie Tang from the cartoon series “The Fairly Odd parents” since after hearing the comics in this parody, you are definitely going to love her… if you are a fan of curvy and busty sluts who has no problems with sexually servicing her buddies even when they go to the comic book shop and even if there someone is watching them!

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[Hermit Moth] SpitFire (Fairly Odd Parents)

Even though the characters from “Fairly Odd Parents” have matured, Timmy still wants Vicky as his babysitter. What is the reason for such significant change of his behavior? It’s quite obvious that he is no longer annoying and annoying. Vicky has transformed into a sexy and sexy-looking redhead. our big brother Timmy is now the one who digs that kind of slutty chicks for sure!

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