The Mad Professor 2

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Part 2 of the game is played. Sometime in the past, Professor Austin made an unfathomable green substance. It was a mysterious green substance. It turned out that the green substance filled the air with sexual fluids which affect the female brain. This research could come in handy in life. The scientist calls the substancethe Green Storm. Then he decides to test it in action. He sprays it close to the fire escape. There are occasions when beautiful women visit there. But something went wrong and the professor decided to take a trip to town. At the bus stop he sees a beautiful and attractive girl. After a short time after that, he sprays the substance onto her clothes, and she vanishes. The girl is naked. The girl’s brain is controlled by Green Storm. The professor wants the girl to kiss her. She even agrees to pay for the sexual pleasure. They’ve had sex and the professor agrees. Do you want to see what transpired in the next scene? Get started now.

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