FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Godparent – Chapter 12

FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Godparent – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Invincix Pix

Molly did not want to be godparented by a Pixie. The Pixies had taken Swizzle from her. She cared about Swizzle; she didnt care about the Pixies. She wanted Swizzle; she didnt want a Pixie.

I wish I was an adult, said Molly.

She knew kids lost their godparents when they turned eighteen or became an adult in any other manner.


Molly became an adult. The Pixie was still there. She decided to test if it could still grant her wishes.

I wish I had a chocolate shake.


Her wish was granted. That was impossible. Godparents couldnt grant wishes to adults. At least fairies couldnt. Maybe Pixies could. She had to try another method.

I wish I was a kid again, she said, than called, Vicky, I just got a million bucks!

Vicky, her babysitter, dashed up the stairs. She liked money just as much as she loved torturing people.

I wish you wouldnt shapeshift, said Molly to the Pixie, Or hide in any other way.


The Pixie didnt shapeshift. Vicky opened Mollys door with a crash and spotted the Pixie.

Hi Vicky, this is my Pixie Godparent, said Molly, He grants my wishes.

Molly noticed that Vicky did look at the Pixie and her ears werent plugged, but the Pixie wasnt getting taken away. Molly groaned.

Wheres myI mean your million bucks?

No where, said Molly, I wish monkeys were the dominant species on Earth.


Monkeys became the dominant species on Earth and a kids show theme song-ish thing played.

However, Molly found herself still with the Pixie. Obviously, that Rule didnt apply to the Pixies either.

Im happy and dont need my godparents anymore, said Molly.

Nothing happened. Molly blinked. Nothing. She groaned in frustration. Why was the Pixie so dang hard to remove. Were they even true godparents? Did they follow any of Da Rules?

I wish you could shapeshift again and that your head became a toilet and that I was on it and that you did all my homework while tortured with fire and various medieval torture devices while giving me lots cake and cookies and that you were doomed to eternal misery and that I was popular and had every doodad ever owned by anyone popular and that the sky was purple and blood-flavored ice cream that acts like acid rain rained from it, said Molly.

She was out of breath by the end of the long run-on sentence. She hoped that she had tortured it enough for Court or for it to quit. Nothing happened. The Pixie was just as unemotional as ever. Swizzle would be raging at her if she ever did that to her. Pixies truly were the perfect ones to do the evil plan she was convinced they were up to.

I wish I had a Fairy Duel with another kid with a Pixie godparent.

Invalid, said the Pixie, Pixies do not engage in Fairy Dueling.

Duh, thought Molly, They were business-focused dullards and they were not fairies. Therefore, if they engaged in Dueling, which they wouldn’t, it would be called Pixie Dueling, not Fairy Dueling. Then Molly thought back to her second-to-last wish. It could have unintended results and hurt people. She couldn’t have that!

I wish every part of my second-to-last wish that would hurt people other than you was undid and that everything affected by it was back to normal.


Molly had failed, but she had learned something from it. The Pixies were Godparent Da Rules-free godparents, just like genies. The contract was a sham. She should never have signed it and couldnt believe the Pixies had persuaded her to (though they did use pain to persuade her; oh what brilliant godparents theyd be, hurting their own kid.)

Head Pixie gazed at the screen in the Pixie version of disappointment. Molly had tried to lose her Pixie godparent. That could never do.

Delete the tape, said the Pixie monotonously, yet in a commanding manner, Bob, disguise yourself as Swizzle and erase Mollys memories of what happened.


Mollys Pixie disguised himself as Swizzle and PINGed up Forgeticin and used it on Molly. A Pixie in the Pixie office building cam center erased the tape.

Head Pixie felt triumphant, in a Pixie way. No one could stop them. Molly, Tootie, Wanda, Cosmo, Norm, Timmy and anyone else who tried to defeat them, won against them previously or was a random bystander of no importance would not stop this plan, he was sure. The Pixies were invincible and they would rule a gray, dull, boring, business universe, regardless of what anyone one else thought or wanted. Everyone would become a suck-up to him, Head Pixie, the Head of the Universe and all its businesses.

A Pixie version of a smile crossed his face. Victory was near!

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