Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Wandas Bday Chapter Four

Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Wandas Bday Chapter Four

Chapter 4: Cosmos

Where in the world
is Cosmo? Jordan asked, after they played Go fish 20 times
in a row. Cosmo has been gone for exactly three hours straight.

Perhaps I should go
and find him. Wanda said putting down her cards.

Take care of Poof
while Im gone She told Jordan. She was about to go when Timmy

Wait, Wanda! I
think I know where Cosmo went.

Where? She

Hes in the mall
at Fairy world.

Why is he in the
Fairy world mall?

Timmy stumbled on his words. He had a feeling Cosmo was there, buying
Wanda a gift, but he didnt want to tell her that.

Well? Timmy
couldnt hold it in any longer.

Hes at the mall
buying you a gift! he finally blurted out.

Oh no! She
shouted. Come on Timmy, we got to find him, he may get lost.

But what about his

I dont care
about my gift; all I care about is getting my husband back! Then
with a poof from her wand, she and Timmy were gone.

Mama? Poof asked
in a curious voice.

Come on Poof; lets
play Krocae until she gets back. Jordan assured him. Poof didnt

Come on Poof,
shell be back soon. Poof still didnt move.

Poof?” He
waved his hand in front of Poofs face. Earth to Poof, come on
shell be back. Dont worry.

Mama! And with
that, he broke out with a loud wale of tears. \

Fine! Jordan
gave up with his hands covering his ears, with the other fairies.
Well play Krocae by ourselves! He said heading outside.
Earplugs Krokae. He added stomping out, leaving the crying
fairy baby lone in Timmys room.

Meanwhile Cosmo was at
the mall, rushing and throwing stuff from the shelves.

Oh where can I find
something that I can give her that is better then Timmys? He asked
himself. He stopped to think.

Come on, think,
think! Suddenly, he felt something in his ear. He looked up to see
a video camera tube sticking down into his right ear.

Why is there a
camera tube sticking in my eardrums? he asked. He was started by a
sudden voice.

Oh, sorry. Said
a fairy with a movie hat and a clapper board. Were just filming
a doctementry about the fairy ear, and it just so happens that your
ear is going to be the star of the film.

Really? He
asked, with wide eyes.

Yup. Oh, my name is
Gill Firymire. Gill showed Cosmo his ID.

So how long do I
have to sit here? Cosmo asked when Gill put his ID back into his

The filming will be
done in an hour. Gill told him.

But I have to get a
gift for my wifes party.

Thats too bad,
because youre not moving until were done. Gill went over to
his directors chair. Cosmo sighed. Now he had to wait an entire
hour, until he can continue his search for the Perfect

Ok, everybody
ready? Gill asked his movie crew. 3…2… A crew member
worked the clapper board. Action! he shouted with a mega phone,
and the film started rolling.

Oh Wanda, how can I
ever make you happy? Cosmo whispered, holding and looking at a
picture of his wife.

Ok, were just
look for Cosmo, then its back to the party. Wanda told Timmy when
they poofed at the entrance to the mall. They gasped at all the
fairies when they were inside.

Great. Timmy
said, looking at Wanda. How are we ever going to find him
in this mess?

Tell you what,
Wanda told him. You go that way, She pointed left. And Ill
go this way. They started to go in their assigned directions.

I just hope we can
find him before the cake is all gone. Timmy mumbled to himself.

58 minutes later, all
the filming crew packed up, and headed home.

Ok, youre free
to go. Gill said, writing something in his notebook.

Oh thank you, thank
you! Cosmo said, shaking the directors hand.

Well, have a good
party! Gill said leaving. Cosmo didnt answer, he just continued
his search.

There you are!
Timmy shouted, rushing towards him. Cosmo screamed in shock, dropping
at what he was holding, and turned to look at Timmy.

Oh, hey Timmy!
he said, continuing to look.

Boy, Wanda was
worried about you.

She was? he
stopped at what he was doing and looked at Timmy.

Of course she was,
now let find Wanda so we could go back to the party. Timmy started
walking, but Cosmo stayed put, searching.

Cosmo, did you hear
me? Lets go back to the party. Timmy pulled Cosmos arm.

I cant yet.
Cosmo replied.

And why not?
Timmy put his arms on his hips.

Im still

Looking for what?

the perfect gift for Wanda.

already gave her something.

I didnt. Cosmo didnt understand what his godson was talking

you did.

I didnt!

come on. He pulled Cosmos arm again. The party cant wait

it can.

it cant!

they can! Cosmo was getting angry now.

Cosmo, you love her, thats what she always wanted from you!

Cosmos eyes wided.

Now come on, lets go! So, off they went to go find Wanda.

you two are! Wanda said. Cosmo stopped in shock at his wife.

come on, Poof must be worried sick wondering where we are. She and
Timmy started for the door.

Cosmo holler. They stopped. I think I dropped Phillip on the floor

Phillips at home. His wife reminded him.

shes not; I know shes around here somewhere. He answered,
looking on the ground.

you are being preposterous. She said, tugging on his arm. Now
come on! Cosmo didnt budge.

I said come on!

just that he stumbled, thinking up another excuse.



Cosmo! Just tell her the truth! Timmy wisped to him.

truth? she asked. Are you hiding something from me? she
narrowed her eyes.


it out! Cosmo began to cry.

I confess I forgot your present! he cried. Im sorry! Im
the worst husband ever! he put his hands in front of his face.

what are you talking about?

present, I was too selfish this week that I forgot! Now you, Timmy,
and Poof will hate me forever! Its all my fault, Im such a
jerk. Its all my fault! he cried some more.

you already gave me a gift. She laughed.

I didnt!

you did, you gave me what you give me every year.

Poof didnt give you anything either!

gave it to me earlier.

that? he wiped away a tear.

was born, and he and Timmy helped us to fulfill our dreams.

but he didnt give you anything.

gave me the exact same thing that you gave me.

was that?

She smiled.

mean thats all you wanted?

kind of. She flouted over and touched her husbands shoulder.

see Cosmo, You and Poof gave me the ultimate gift of all, love from
you hearts.

So, youre not
mad? he asked, wiping away another tear.

Of course not.
She said. Not one bit.

Really? his eyes
lit up.


Ya-hoo! he
jumped into the air. Now lets go He, Timmy, and Wanda all
poofed back to the party.

Thank heavens
youre back. Jordan said when he saw them. Poof stopped crying
and hugged his mother.

For a cute tiny
boy, he is loud when hes crying. Binkey said.

Its ok Poof, Im
back, and you dont have to cry anymore. Wanda consoled her
child. Poof smiled up at her, and waved his rattle.

Thank goodness,
thats over, Jordan said, rubbing his head with his hand. I
didnt think the crying would ever stop. Now how about some
cake, Im starving.

Ok! Wanda said.
With that all the fairies rushed to the table fir cake.

Make a wish honey.
Big Daddy said as soon as they were gathered around the table. Wanda
thought a moment, and then blew out the candles.

What did you wished
for? Cosmo asked, after they were down applauding.

Cant tell you,
its a secret.

Come on! Im you
husband, you got to tell me! He begged. She shook her head.

Come on, just give
me a little hint. She shook her head again.

While her husband was
on his knees still begging, she thought about her wish: to love her
husband for as long as she lived.

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