FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: The Anti Reunion Chapter Two: Family grief

FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: The Anti Reunion Chapter Two: Family grief

Chapter 2: Family trouble.

Timmy Turner and Cosmo were taking
turns rocking baby Poofs cradle, just to make sure he doesnt
wake up too soon. While doing this, they were busy watching Fairy
World T.V.

This is FFN. Now heres Fairy Hart
with groundbreaking news.

Thanks Ted. Authorities now are
reporting a prison escape that happened at Abracatraz earlier this
morning. It appears that prisoner 190, A.K.A, baby Foop has escaped
from jail only leaving behind a stinky diaper. Were going live to
Abracatraz now to hear more on the news. said the fairy woman.

Were now trying to figure out
how somebody would break out of this jail. So far, weve got
nothing. Well get back with you later. said the hot headed

Well there you have it, a
clueless bunch of guards. Im Fairy Hart.

Coming up on FFN, can safety
razors cause zits in the most unlikely of places? Find out when we
return. Timmy clicked off the T.V.

Foop escaped, do you know how
much trouble that guy can cause if ever given the chance again?
Cosmo and Wanda looked at each other nervously. Their kid had
defeated him once, but it was just out of pure luck. What if this
time he wins and

Wanda couldnt think about the
rest of the sentence, she hurriedly pushed Cosmo, Poof, and Timmy
into the emergency if Foop ever escapes shelter. Timmy and Cosmo
were cowering in fetal position. They waited for the worse to past.

Meanwhile in Anti Fairy World where
things werent so panicky, Anti Wanda was busy watching the same
thing on television.

Hey, lookit honey, someones
escapes from Abracatraz! I wonder who that might have been.

Her husband sighed and once again
told her who was going to escape from Abracatraz.

Weve already been through this
dearest. Foop escaped from prison. The only thing is he should be
here by now, whats taking him so long? As if only cue, a square
like figure appeared. Anti Wanda giggled and gave him a tight hug.

SpongeBob, Ive always wanted
your autograph, will you sign my sandwich?

Im not SpongeBob mother,
whatever the devil that is, Im your son! Anti Wanda looked down
at her son and her face filled with recognition.

Oh, Foop, its you! We were so
worried, wont we honey?

Indeed we were. said Anti

Oh, weve missed you so much,
we thought you would never come out of jail and then wed have to
start callin ya jail baby and everythang! Anti Wanda said as
she gave an extra tight hug to the young Anti Fairy.

Ow mother, could you please let
go, before you turn me into anti jelly? gasped Foop. Anti Wanda
released her grip.

Grawsh, sorry hon, didnt mean
to do that too tight. Anyway, now we can do some bonding!

Im afraid not mother, you see
I have a second play date with Poof and hes so going down this
time. Now if you dont excuse me Anti Cosmo stopped him right

Oh, no you dont! You cant
just seek revenge the minute you just get out of jail.

I can and I will father, as I
said earlier, you arent the boss of me. Foop said as he tried
to get past Anti Cosmo, but held him firmly.

Now wait just a moment mister, do
you want to go back to jail. Authorities are probably looking for you
as we speak.

Foop forgot all about that. Very
well, as soon as the authorities are bored looking for me then Ill
get revenge on him, but for now Ill guess Ill have to stay

Anti Wanda hugged them both into a
tight squeeze.

Aww, looks like we haves our
family again for a while. Nows you two can have that father and son
relationship Ives always been talking about!

Well see. muttered Foop.

Later on that night, as A.C began to
turn the light, A.W looked at him with big expression eyes.

What is it? asked Anti Cosmo.

Hes your son, please try an
bond with him. she said.

Anti Cosmo sleepily nodded, kissed
her good night and turned off the light.

In the morning, A.C awoke to a
painful cramp in his side. He looked up to see Foop jumping on his
side like a trampoline.

Wake up father, its time to
serve breakfast. Anti Cosmo grumbled and put the covers over his
head. Anti Wanda blew an air horn in his ear which caused him to leap
up in shock.

Come on. You wouldnt want
your only son to starve would you? Anti Cosmo groaned and anti
poofed up their breakfast which they devoured instantly. Anti Cosmos
eyes widened at the sight of the clock.

10:02, oh Im going to be
late! Foop was curious about where his father was off in a rush

Mother, wheres father going?
Anti Wanda turned to look at him.

Daddys got to go to a meeting
with all the other Anti Fairies and discuss stuff.

I want to come to. demanded
Foop. A.C just sighed and patted him on the head.

You cant come with me. This is
for grown ups only. Besides it would be boring for you to just sit in
a chair all day and listen to everything that we discuss.

Then while you and Mother are at
the meeting whos going to watch me? Foop questioned. As if
right on cue, one of the Anti Fairies burst out of the door.

Anti Joshua, baby sitter
extraordinaire. Ive come to baby sit your precious little child
from above! Well have a wonderful time together! I know all sorts
of things babies love like Anti Cosmo wasnt listening.
Instead, he just pictured a scenario in his head if Foop wasnt to
come with them. A castle on fire, thats what. Or worse

Thats ok; I think Ill just
take my son to the meeting.

Ya sure? I know all sorts of
games we can play. said Anti Joshua.

Yes, yes now get into the
meeting room! said Anti Cosmo.

In the meeting room, everyone was
seated, well, except Anti Cosmo and Foop, who were busy arguing over
which one gets to sit in the big chair.

I want to sit in the big chair.
said Foop. A.C frowned.

You cant sit in the big chair,
youre too small, and besides, I always sit in the big
chair. Anti Wanda frowned too.

Please honey, just let the little
youngin sit in that chair just once.

But I want to sit in the big
chair. said A.C in a small voice as Foop sat in the big chair. The
only problem was that he couldnt see a thing.

All I see is feet! said Foop.

Why dont we both sit at the
end? asked Anti Cosmo who poofed up another big chair.

Very well, but I require a
booster seat at once! said Foop from under the table.

The two barely got past the
universal domination part of the discussion when they started at it

Any ideas for universal
domination? asked Anti Cosmo. The one who suggested they get an
elephant and have it step on stuff spoke up.

Ok, I got it right this time. Why
dont we get missiles

Yes? said Anti Cosmo.

And, blow up burger world?

Anti Cosmo scowled and reached for
the eject the guy thats acting like an idiot button.
However, when he tried to press the button, another hand was already
on it. Foops. They both continued to try and press the button
while the other Anti Fairies tilted their head to their side.
Finally, the button did eject something. Both the father and the son
went rocketing sky high out of the castle.

Well, thats it for taday
folks, come to next weeks meetin. said Anti Wanda and
ushered everyone out.

Anti Wanda sighed. She had to do
something about this, maybe even see a counselor

Well thats it for now. Thanks
to all that reviewed for the first chapter! I hope you review for
this one too:3

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