FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Remember Me – Chapter 2

FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Remember Me – Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Ok, here’s Chapter 1, nice and quick, so no one starts bugging me about the real main characters not being in my story. Here is where, well, you’ll see where we are. Fairly Odd Parents is the property of Butch Hartman and Nick, not mine, and there are no OCs in this chapter, so enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Magic of Guilt

Timmy Turner sat at his desk in school, waiting not so patiently for the bell to ring.

Come on! Timmy thought, Just five more minuets! Five more minuets and Im home free!

Well class, I can see youre all eager for the last five minuets of school to pass. The teacher, Mr. Crocker, said as he reached into a drawer of his desk.

Oh no. Timmy thought.

So, I bet none of you were expecting Crocker continued.

No, Timmy thought desperately, Not a-


The class groaned collectively as Mr. Crocker rapidly passed out quizzes. Timmy stared blankly at the question. He only knew one question: Which was first reached, the North Pole or the South Pole? And Timmy only knew that from a gross/educational (but mostly gross) documentary he had seen on the history channel.

Having trouble, Turner? Mr. Crocker asked, Why dont you wish for easier questions, using your Timmy braced himself for the spaz, QFAIRY GODPARENTS!

How many times do I have to tell you? Timmy asked, I dont have fairy godparents! This was a lie, but if Timmy wanted to keep his fairies, he couldnt tell anyone.

As the bell rang, Mr. Crocker handed back everyones tests, most of them Fs. Timmy was both surprised and angry to see he had gotten every question wrong.

Hey, I know that people got to the North Pole first, it was on the history channel! Timmy complained to his teacher.

Ah, well, the North Pole was the first pole reached By people. Mr. Crocker explained, but the South Pole was the first pole reached by dinosaurs!

Timmy was not in a good mood as he walked home. Suddenly, three squirrels appeared beside him. One was green, one was pink, and one was very small and purple. They were, of course, Cosmo and Wanda, Timmys fairy godparents and Poof, Cosmo and Wandas baby, Timmys godbrother.

Oh, Timmy! Wanda said as she pulled out a sheet of paper from an invisible pocket, Look what Poof drew today!

It was a crudely drawn picture of a therapod, probably a T. Rex, and a Pterosaur, probably Petradon, with a volcano in the background. Still, it was very good for a baby less than six months old.

Thats nice. Timmy said flatly, not really looking at the picture. Wanda could tell something was up.

Whats wrong, sport? She asked her godson.

Crocker gave us another test with impossible trick questions! Timmy explained, I didnt get a single one right.

Aw, cheer up Timmy, it could be worse! Cosmo tried to comfort his godson, It could be your fault your teacher is a fairy-obsessed, F happy, crackpot! Timmy glared at Cosmo. Oh wait

Its not all my fault. Timmy defended, You were the one who turned on the microphones, and caused the trouble in the first place!

Of coursed it wasnt your fault Timmy. Wanda reassured him, You were just trying to help.

Yeah, well, my life would probably be a whole lot easier if Mr. Crocker could just remember how happy he was as a kid. Timmy said. He was a bit depressed by this whole conversation. Cosmo didnt like seeing Timmy depressed, so he decided to try and cheer him up.

I know whatll cheer you up Timmy! Cosmo exclaimed, Mindless videogames!

Yeah! Timmy yelled, instantly brightening, Come on Poof, Timmy will teach you how to play Crash Nebula!

Authour’s Note: So, this is my last post, on any of my stories, before I leave for a camping trip, and I won’t be back until the 26th, so the next chapter may take some time. For those of you who are reading in the future (Oh, that sounds so ominous!) You are lucky, you don’t have to wait! I expect to have some reviews by the time I get back from camping… please?

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